This small multipurpose Aberni 10 workboat’s hull is of welded steel construction and the wheelhouse is welded aluminium. The vessel is a barge handler and is designed with push knees forward and warping winches aft. Wheelhouse is bolted on and can be removed for overland transportation. Robust fendering is fitted at the waterline for maximum resilience. Twin screw ducted propellers provide high bollard, and combined with independent steering, ensures excellent maneuverability. Clear aft working deck, tow bit and open bulwarks allow for towing operation from the stern. High bulwarks keep the crew onboard and large windows give the operator high visibility.

The Alberni 12 is a trailerable aluminium workboat. This vessel is design for protected waters support work. Aluminium construction and compact dimensions allow the vessel to be road transportable to work sites. The working deck aft is served by a knuckle boom crane and is meant to carry up to a 20ft container. The vessel is less than 15 gross tons and can accommodate a crew of four with bunk beds and washroom.

Alberni 10
Alberni 12